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I've Joined, now what?

Congratuations on Joining Pack 136.

So, what do you do from here?  The following is a guideline to help get you started on your way.

A) You'll want to get your new Scout a uniform.
    You can order this online or we recommend going to the local Scout shop. 
                Northern Virginia Scout Shop
                5234 Port Royal Road
                Springfield, VA 22151
                (703) 321-4836
    Tell one of the helpers there that you have a new Scout and they'll help you get their shirt.
    Minimum needs:
         1) Scout Shirt (It comes with the American Flag patch. We'll provide the District and Pack patches. You provide the Den patch.)

         2) Neckerchief and Slide (this should match your Scout's Rank Level (ie, Tiger, Wolf, Bear or Webelos)
         3) Rank requirements book
     Optional purchases:
         1) A ballcap for their rank
         2) A scout belt to hold the beltloops that they earn
         3) A brag vest to display all of the special patches that they'll get

B) You'll want to make sure that you have an account and can get into the Private portion of the Pack's Website.
    Contact the Cubmaster (or just Click on the "Contact" button above) for help getting set up.
    Attached below is a User's Guide for how to use Scoutlander. If the guide doesn't answer your question,
        use the "Contact" button above to send in your question.

C)  During the school year, check out 'Event Calendar' and come to your first Den or Pack Meeting.
     The Den Leader for your Scout should contact you soon.
     Otherwise, look at the "2011-12 Calender" link in the Private Section and start joining in on the fun!!

If you have any questions about any specific events or anything else, you can get in contact with the pack by clicking "Contact Our Pack" above.

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