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Cub Scout Pack 273
(Westfield, New Jersey)
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Wolf Den

Welcome to Pack 273 Wolf Den. To earn the Wolf Badge a Cub Scout must complete 58 tasks out of a possible 74 tasks that are offered in the book. These tasks are broken up into 12 Wolf Achievements, each with it's own theme. Once the Cub Scouts achieve the Wolf rank they will receive the Wolf Badge for their uniform. The Cub Scout can continue on the Wolf trail by performing Wolf Electives. There are 75 Electives in 23 categories. With every 10 Electives completed the Cub Scout will receive one arrow point patch to wear beneath his Wolf Badge.




The Wolf Scout Patch

Wolf Cub Scout Uniform

Cub Scout Shirt:
Cub Scout Shirt
Wolf Book:
Wolf Book
Wolf Cub Cap:
Wolf Cub Cap
Cub Scout Belt:
Cub Scout Belt
Wolf Neckerchief:
Wolf Neckerchief
Wolf Cub Neckerchief Slide:
Wolf Cub Neckerchief Slide
All of the things listed are part of the Wolf Cub uniform, and are required. The uniform will also require a few patches. Our local council patch, pack numbers and also the World Scout Crest Emblem. Pants for the uniform should be clean, non ripped dark pants or jeans. Footwear should be clean sneakers or shoes with socks.

                                     World Scout Crest Emblem

Shoulder Patch Locations:
Shoulder Patch Locations


Pocket Patch Locations:
Pocket Patch Locations


Everything listed here can be purchased at our local scout store.