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Welcome to the Hiking Club

Welcome to our new hiking club, which was started up in October of 2011
in order to get the boys of Pack 64 (and their friends and family)
out of the house and into the woods!

Hike Information -

1. Official Hiking Club hikes will be scheduled once per month, on a Saturday or a Sunday, to give everyone a chance to come to a few of them. Hikes will generally be in the early afternoon, although they may be earlier in the hotter weather to avoid the worst of the heat. Times may be dictated by factors such as guided tours or group events like Maple Sugaring, as well.

2. Hikes will be at different local parks, or different trails at the parks each month. We may go back to a favorite trail once in a while. Sometimes it will just be a nature walk and other times we'll have a scheduled event during the hike such as geocaching or maple sugaring. Hikes may include a guided tour with a park ranger, a scavenger hunt, or even be a night hike to stargaze.

3. Hikes will be between 1-3 miles, occasionally longer, and will take between 1-2 hours. Occasionally a longer hike (4-8 miles) may be scheduled, depending on interest. Miles will be tracked for each scout.

4. Hikes are WEATHER PERMITTING. We will not hike in the pouring rain or if the weather is too cold.

5. Siblings, family and friends are all invited to join us on the hike.

6. For each hike, I will ask for volunteers for someone to be at the Front of the Line (and therefore in charge of following the trail markers) and for someone to be at the End of the Line, to insure that all of our hiking party stays together!

7. Wear appropriate clothing and plan for the weather. Bring plenty of water and snacks. Wear comfortable shoes. If a hike is going to include a picnic lunch stop, that will be indicated. Otherwise, assume we'll be walking straight through with one or two 10-15 minutes breaks for snacks and any necessary adjustments (shoe tying, etc :)

8. Please feel free to suggest hiking times/dates/locations for consideration. We can switch the time or the day of the week once in a while to accommodate families that can't make weekends.

Hiking Awards

1. Scouts will receive a Hiking Patch after their first hike, at the next Pack Meeting.

2. When a scout reached 10 miles hiked with the Hiking Club, he will be awarded with a hiking stick at the next Pack Meeting. Hiking sticks will have a leather grip and be personalized with the scout's name and "Pack 64".

3. Special prizes will be awarded to scouts who hike additional miles with the Hiking Club!

For 20 miles, the scout will be given a length of cord and some beads to decorate his stick.
For 30 miles, the scout will be given a length of cord and some feathers to decorate his stick.
For 40 miles, the scout will be given a whistle/compass to tie around his stick.
For 50 miles, the scout will be given a Cub Scout Shield to decorate his stick.
For 60 miles, the scout will be given a survival bandana to decorate his stick.
For 70 miles, the scout will be given a paracord bracelet with compass and emergency blade to wear when he hikes.
For 80 miles - we'll decide this award when a scout earns it! :)

4. Miles hiked with dens or family count toward a scout's total miles hiked, but will be given half credit toward awards (ex. If a scout hikes 4 miles with family, it will count as 2 miles toward his hiking totals.)

Please join us in the good old outdoors and enjoy nature in New Jersey with your son.